Austin 1020 TKO-Sign

The 10/20 Series and all 10/20 races are produced by TurnKey Operations (TKO), based in Austin, Texas. TKO also has a traffic control division that serves a wide variety of special event and construction clients throughout Texas.

TKO event management is led by Race Director Peter Douglass, a founding member of San Diego based Elite Racing Inc. and an original creator of the popular rock ‘n’ roll marathon running events. The idea of combining running and rock music revolutionized the event industry in 1998 and entertainment is now an essential part of any great running event production. Peter and his highly accomplished professional event management staff are proud to bring you races with the most live music per mile you will ever see!

In addition to producing 10/20 races, TurnKey Operations consults with leading event management companies to organize other world class races throughout the United States.

TKO promises to deliver top notch race operations at all of our productions. We will strive to provide the best customer service and value at all of our events. We will always partner with important charities to raise funds and awareness. We will promote individual athletic accomplishment with a collective effort of bringing thousands of people together to have fun. Never will we forget that events are about people, and their experiences matter most. TKO events will be entertaining, guaranteed!