Why the 10/20



Ten miles is tough, ten miles is different, ten miles feels great. It’s an accomplishment to finish and a challenge to race. If a marathon is too long and a 10K is a bit short and you have already run a gazillion half marathons, check out the cool ten mile distance. Ten mile races are few and far between so take a detour from the usual race path and join us at a 10/20 event!


10/20 events happen in awesome places! Before, after and during your race you will experience a place that is interesting and fun. Our 10/20 cities will feature great local attractions that will surely add to your overall event experience. Sightseeing, nightlife, shopping, beaches, professional sports and a host of other activities will compete for your attention in our cool 10/20 cities but don’t forget your main mission; Run 1020!

California Sunset
Austin Downtown


Every 10/20 race course will feature live local bands on stage every half mile along the way. All our stages are placed right up close to the course so you can’t miss the music and you sure won’t need an ipod! Festive water stations, energetic cheerleaders and spectator viewing zones will help maintain your pace and when you reach the finish, our 10/20 main stage will keep everyone rocking with a nationally recognized headliner act at the post-race party!